Karen Haggerty - RN - CLNC

Everywhere I go, I can be recognized by my sturdy gait and determined resolve. People hear me coming and I guess that's the way it's always been.

Over 15 years ago I started out as a CNA, then a LPN and on to an RN. Not long there after I was offered a job as a risk manager and from there I became director of nursing with in a nursing home. The corporate world has limitations attached to it. Patients were moving further away from my ability to help them.

So, I regrouped and decided that I could make more of a difference advising on how to better care for people in need. Less having to answer to misplaced budgets and apathetic ego’s.

Now, I get to root out lapses in judgement or diagnosis’s, while offering solutions in improved efficiencies and productivity. I could not be more enlightened with the path my career has taken.

We are what we do and I’m grounded with who I am.

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